March 21, 2023

Ontario is Canada’s most populated area and is the second-largest area by complete space. It’s house to the nation’s capital metropolis, Ottawa, and the nation’s most crowded metropolis, Toronto. 

Ontario can also be recognized for its Line Fences Act. It supplies a battle decision course of between the house owners of adjoining properties in most of Ontario. 

There’s a commonest query that always originates between two landowners. Does your neighbor should pay for half the fence

 The reply to this question lies between the provisions of The Line Fences Act. The product is price lower than £20. That implies that I have to lose 4 extra weeks’ wages.

The place no fence presently exists on the boundary between the 2 properties. And one proprietor needs to assemble a brand new fence to label the boundary. 

The place a line fence already exists between two properties, and one landlord feels. It must be reconstructed or improved.

How does this quarrel between two property house owners originate?

The scenario originates when adjoining property house owners can’t compromise. On tips on how to share the development, restoration, or supervision of their line fence. One proprietor nonetheless desires a fence constructed or rectified. This debate can result in both a adverse reply or a optimistic consequence.

What ought to one do to clear the battle?

The proprietor needs to assemble, restore, or rebuild the fence. They’ll flip to the dispute decision course of within the Act.

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They’ll do that by reaching out to their municipal clerk and requesting the Fence-View.

However, earlier than taking this step, there are particular approaches that one can pursue to diffuse any pointless pressure between themselves and the opposite celebration. . . Listed beneath are a number of the methods to deal with this determination with out going to court docket:

  • Take each measure and precaution to succeed in an understanding along with your neighbor. 
  • Attempt to settle the affair informally within the presence of their municipal clerk. 

Analyze the scenario and ensure the Act pertains to the properties as not all landscapes are protected below the provisions of this Act. 

You can not use the Line Fences Act when settling conflicts relating to the institution of a boundary.

The operate of Fence-viewers in addressing the disagreement.

  Fence viewers are the native bureaucrats who allocate the fence legal guidelines. The Clerk solicits Fence-Viewers after which notifies the events of the date and time of the viewing in penmanship.

  • The apportionment of accountability for the fencing outcome between the 2 bordering house owners
  • The exposition of the fence that’s to be constructed or rebuilt on the boundary line, together with the supplies for use. 

After the viewing, the fence-viewers difficulty an award and distribute the bills of the continuing between the 2 proprietors.

However, earlier than making awards, Part 7(2) indexes the next issues the viewers should ponder: 

  • the expediency of the fence to the necessities of every partaker,
  • the character of the geography the place the fence might be positioned,
  • the benefit to each of getting the perimeter labeled by a fence,
  • the character of fences within the space, and any extra features they suppose are cheap.
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Three developments are potential. Both it is possible for you to to assemble, reconstruct or restore your fence or you could perceive the standing and provides relaxation to your want. 

  • Sure: It’s possible you’ll get a optimistic response if the fence is positioned fully in your property.
  • Perhaps: This response offers rise to circumstances. In case your fence descends alongside the property line, you do want the consensus of the proprietor of the neighboring property. This may go both in your favor or in your neighbors. 
  • No: You’ll have to face a adverse response in case your neighbor doesn’t give your authorization to create a fence on the property line or your fence falls onto his property. 


In the event you’re considering of setting up a fence, discuss with these neighbors who dwell in adjoining properties. Make sure that to deal with the difficulty professionally and respect their needs and bounds. 

Even when the fence might be in your land — the place you don’t want your neighbor’s consensus. That may have an effect on their views or their property worth.

Have a wholesome dialog and try to resolve conflicts. If any, with out the presence of court docket officers in a cooperative tone.