March 21, 2023

The urge to modify up a coiffure is nice, however the need to stop hair harm is normally stronger. So, when you would possibly wish to swap up your look by putting in hair weaves, you possibly can’t assist however marvel if hair weaves trigger hair harm.

This text solutions any questions you might need about harm from hair weaves and descriptions the varied methods to keep away from hair harm. Preserve studying to seek out out extra about this.

Do Hair Weaves Trigger Hair Harm?

Sporting or putting in hair weaves transforms your look, however this might include a little bit of hair harm as a result of it requires holding your pure hair firmly. However, hair weaves don’t all the time trigger harm. As a substitute, the harm comes from different underlying components that amp up the dangerous results of hair weaves. For instance, putting in your hair weaves tightly could cause it to drag in your hair. This pull on the hair may not have an effect on the hair instantly, as the results begin to present in the long term. It may make your hair weak and trigger harm to your hair follicles. As soon as your hair follicles are broken, your hair may not develop again, resulting in everlasting hair loss.


One other issue to think about is your pure hair situation. In case your pure hair isn’t in high form, your hair weaves may nonetheless harm your hair even when they’re not tight. It is because your hair wants a sure degree of power to face up to any sort of stress. In case your hair is weak, it will probably’t face up to any stress, even when your weaves are free. Lastly, the types you pack may additionally trigger harm from hair weaves. So, in the event you pack your put in weaves tight, it will probably nonetheless trigger harm, regardless of the looseness of the weave itself.

How To Forestall Harm From Hair Weaves

Regardless of the varied dangers you’ve heard about hair weaves, you’ve most likely come throughout people who find themselves not affected by them. There’s no magic trick to it. All they did was to deal with their hair by making use of the next steps:

1.    Preserve Your Pure Hair in Prime Form

The state of your pure hair determines how properly it should do while you set up hair weaves. Your hair must be sturdy to face up to the excessive ranges of manipulation that comes with hair weaves. However how do you obtain this power. First, make sure you wash your hair recurrently to stop product construct up. To do that, you’ll should chorus from conserving in your weaves for too lengthy. It’s advisable to maintain your weaves for less than 4 to 6 weeks at a time. This lets you wash your hair recurrently and stop product construct up that weaken the hair. Lastly, apply protein deep conditioner to assist your hair acquire the power it wants to face up to manipulation.

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2.    Make use of A Skilled Stylist

One other technique to stop harm from hair weaves is to make use of an expert stylist. Not each stylist pays consideration to intense hair care, so you will need to search for one which does. Even while you do that, your stylist may not know while you’re feeling discomfort. You’re the one one who is aware of greatest about how you’re feeling so it is advisable to be communicative in the event you really feel any tightness when your stylist is working. A steady pull in your hair may trigger traction alopecia, resulting in everlasting hair loss. So, be certain that to all the time take note of any discomfort and talk it shortly to your stylist.

3.    Be Cautious With Your Edges

Your edges are probably the most delicate a part of your hair. It’s why you discover that most individuals’s hair loss begins from their edges, which is normally attributable to tight hair weaves. You possibly can keep away from this by the making certain your hair weaves aren’t tight. You might additionally go away a few of your edges out whereas putting in your hair weaves to keep away from putting an excessive amount of stress on them. With this pass over, you possibly can lay your edges superbly with edge management merchandise.

4.    Give Your Hair A Break

Shifting from one hair weave to a different is among the components that trigger hair harm. Naturally, hair weaves place stress in your hair, even in the event you make them free. So, doing one hair weave after one other would require you to maintain putting stress in your hair. You possibly can keep away from this by giving your hair a break. As a substitute of hair weaves, strive doing all of your pure hair or utilizing wigs that may solely require you to make cornrows along with your pure hair. This technique permits your hair to breathe and acquire power after putting in hair weaves. Or you possibly can store some open cap wigs to just be sure you have a wholesome scalp and hair.

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Hair weaves are transformative instruments to offer you a brand new look. Nevertheless, they may result in hair harm, particularly when mixed with different underlying components. These embody unhealthy pure hair situation, tight weaves, and never giving your hair time to breathe. These place an excessive amount of stress in your hair, resulting in hair loss. However you possibly can keep away from this by being cautious along with your edges, conserving your hair in high form and using an expert stylist.