March 29, 2023

With the developments in expertise, virtually all facets of our day by day lives have change into simpler. From how we stroll, to what we eat, to what we put on, and in addition how we feature out some bodily capabilities. Digitalization impacts virtually each facet positively, and the healthcare facet additionally feels the affect. Speaking about well being care right here, we’ll be referring to HBOT.


Hyperbaric oxygen remedy (HBOT) is a remedy employed to hurry up the therapeutic processes of carbon monoxide poisoning and gangrene and wounds that refuse to heal. It’s merely inhaling 100% oxygen underneath elevated atmospheric strain.

In the environment, the oxygen stage within the air we breathe in is fixed, standing at about 21%. The remaining parts of air embody nitrogen (which is very wanted for plant survival), argon, and a very good variety of pure hint gasses like hydrogen, helium, and carbon dioxide.

While you enter a hyperbaric chamber like this one , you’ll have the grace of inhaling pure 100% oxygen underneath excessive strain. This fills the lungs with ample oxygen, making it lots simpler for the oxygen to flow into all through the physique and perform its important capabilities like fostering therapeutic processes, growing new cells, and reducing irritation. HBOT is a perfect strategy to utilizing easy pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber for treating completely different situations like PTSD, fibromyalgia, cerebral palsy, and wound therapeutic, amongst others.

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Oxygen, as everyone knows, is the idea of life. Every cell within the physique wants oxygen to outlive. Oxygen, nonetheless, isn’t simply important to the cell because it stands as a key consider therapeutic. It fosters the increase of recent tissues and replaces previous tissues. Oxygen additionally helps convert the meals we devour into helpful power and offers with waste merchandise successfully.

As well as, oxygen can also be extremely wanted for our brains. Although the mind makes up solely 2% of the full physique weight, it nonetheless makes use of as much as 20% of the full power we devour. Oxygen additionally strengthens the immune system to assist battle off sicknesses. With all of those advantages hooked up to oxygen, HBOT is, due to this fact, an excellent strategy to having fun with all of those.


At first, HBOT was utilized in treating decompression illness for scuba divers. Presently, it’s confirmed to have a lot of advantages except for the one it provides scuba divers. HBOT is utilized in treating wounds that have a delay in therapeutic attributable to diabetes, surgical or traumatic accidents, and radiation accidents.


Is there something particular about utilizing this strategy to getting oxygen? Aren’t different strategies additionally efficient, like taking tablets or oxygen-based powders? Nicely, right here is why HBOT is exclusive;

  • We get oxygen from the encircling via the lungs. As we inhale deeply, oxygen tends to diffuse all through the lungs membranes and into our crimson blood cells. These crimson blood cells then transport the oxygen to varied physique elements the place it’s wanted. With HBOT, oxygen in ample quantities is transported all through the physique with out utilizing any tablets.
  • HBOT is carried out in an air chamber the place air strain is all the time larger than regular. As a result of elevated strain, the lungs can accumulate extra oxygen than they’d when inhaling pure oxygen at regular strain.
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The frequency at which remedy happens varies as particular person situations will probably be thought of alongside the tempo at which the affected person ought to like to see outcomes. In some conditions, a physician could advocate as many as 20 to 80 classes and will probably be requested to come back for therapies 5 days per week or extra, relying on the situation.

Some situations could require you to come back in for HBOT twice a day for a brief interval, whereas those who conventional or hyperbaric strategies can’t treatment will want longer therapies. While you progress into the upkeep stage of the remedy, chances are you’ll require remedy for simply 1-2 days per week.


Notice that the variety of therapies excellent for you will depend on your situation. It is best to seek the advice of your physician or a specialist about your well being considerations and expectations from the HBOT remedy. Most individuals discover reduction after each two classes a day for 5 days, whereas some could exceed this. For individuals who require oxygen remedy for a specific situation, you must dedicate your time and decide to at the very least three classes per week for higher outcomes. Some individuals could even really feel higher after 30 to 40 classes.

As an recommendation, attempt to consider the progress of the remedy classes each month to know the way efficient the oxygen remedy has been and whether or not extra classes are required.

HBOT performed at a wound care clinic usually takes a number of hours to finish. Nonetheless, issues would possibly get prolonged if the affected person experiences issue clearing their ears on the pressurization stage. To have an efficient HBOT, you’re extra more likely to require multiple session.

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Simply because the severity of the situations and remedy plans and expectations fluctuate, so will the outcomes. Some could get some reduction after a number of classes, whereas others could heal at a a lot slower tempo. HBOT could not present results in a single day, nevertheless it delivers the required oxygen to varied physique elements, thereby constructing a basis for higher outcomes.


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